Fliteboard 500 Stabiliser Shims


Set of varying degree shims (No. 0, 1, 2) to alter your riding experience. To be used only with the Flite 500 Stabiliser Wing. Changing shims alters the amount of stabilising down-force provided by the tail, and also impacts the balance point of the foil and responsiveness. Each shim is numbered. Beginners should start with 1 or 2 and adjust based upon preference. Lower shim numbers allow faster speeds without too much front foot pressure. Higher shim numbers create more stability and responsiveness, but lead to more lift at high speeds. Compatible with all Series (Series 1 re-enforced eFoils only).

Fliteboard Board Bag


Designed to protect your Fliteboard PRO during travel and storage. -Made from premium materials -Reinforced padded construction -Heavy duty zippers -Compression straps -High strength carry handles Compatible with all Series.

Fliteboard Board Handles


Neoprene handles available in Ash, Black, Green, Light Grey or Silver. Compatible with Series 1 and 2.

Fliteboard eFoil Travel Bag – Series 3


Our upgraded Series 3 travel bag now features enough room to safely store both your propeller and Flite Jet, making it even more practical than before. Not only is it lightweight and effortless to carry, but its smaller manufacturing footprint and compact size make it an ideal fit for the trunk of your sports car. Whether you're out at sea on a yacht or another vessel, where every inch of storage counts, this space-saving bag has got you covered. Built with premium materials, the bag is exceptionally sturdy and provides excellent protection for your valuable Fliteboard. Additionally, it comes with a handy accessories pouch, which you can use to store small items like screws, chargers, and other essentials. Includes empty accessories pouch.

Fliteboard eFoil Travel Bag 60-75cm


The size of our eFoil case is almost half compare to Series 1 and Series 2, so It's lighter and easier to carry. As well as having a smaller manufacturing footprint, it easily fits in the back of a sports car. It's also great for yachts and other vessels where space saving is crucial. Stronger premium materials protect your Fliteboard. Includes empty accessories pouch. Compatible with Series 2, Series 2.2 and Series 3 eFoil with the Propeller module. Not compatible with a Series 3 eFoil with Flite Jet.

Fliteboard Flite Controller


Our award-winning, ergonomic Flite Controller provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider. Features: -Virtual Gears provide the smoothest possible power delivery. -Double the trigger range means more precision and control. -High contrast display shows a range of sophisticated ride telemetry by collecting data from GPS, accelerometer, other sensors and the state-of-the-art battery management system. Flite Controller kit includes: -Flite Controller -Charger -Charging Cable -Wrist Strap

Fliteboard Flitecell Bag


Flitecell Bag for carrying and protecting your battery. Compatible with all Flitecells.

Fliteboard Flitecell Fast Charger


Flitecell Fast Charger 25 AMP charges Flitecell Explore in 1hr 45mins, Flitecell Sport in 1hr 15mins and Flitecell Nano in 50mins. Comes with a carry bag. Compatible with all Flitecells.