Fliteboard eFoil Travel Bag – Series 3


Our upgraded Series 3 travel bag now features enough room to safely store both your propeller and Flite Jet, making it even more practical than before. Not only is it lightweight and effortless to carry, but its smaller manufacturing footprint and compact size make it an ideal fit for the trunk of your sports car. Whether you’re out at sea on a yacht or another vessel, where every inch of storage counts, this space-saving bag has got you covered.

Built with premium materials, the bag is exceptionally sturdy and provides excellent protection for your valuable Fliteboard. Additionally, it comes with a handy accessories pouch, which you can use to store small items like screws, chargers, and other essentials.
Includes empty accessories pouch.


  • 60-75cm60-75cm
  • 75-80cm75-80cm
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60-75cm, 75-80cm


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Fliteboard eFoil Travel Bag - Series 3

Fliteboard eFoil Travel Bag - Series 3